Bump Date: 28 Weeks

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My sweet cousin Addy shot these pictures for me when she was in town last week! She is such a talented photographer and the sweetest of ladies!! So lucky to have her. Check out some of her other photography work here! She is based out of Arizona and Colorado.

Number of WeeksI am 29 weeks today but all of these pictures were taken when I was 28 weeks... and everything below hasn't changed much in a week;)

Cravings: Chocolate? I think that's about it. I have to try really hard to not gorge on ALL the sweets I see. I like to buy dark chocolate bars, but even then I could eat a whole one in one sitting! Not good.....

Movement: Yes! Always! I feel it on both sides of my tummy sometimes which gives me a good idea of how big it is getting. Just the other night it was moving like crazy, like nothing I had felt so far. Just kick kick kick on one side and tap tap tap on the other, for a good five or ten minutes. It is so fun to watch my belly when it is moving and see it poke out in some spots or jiggle in others. Also, sometimes when I see it poking out in one spot I will gently put pressure there with my hand and it will kick back or do a somersault! 

Symptoms: I have still gotten a few headaches and more bloody noses and bleeding gums. I also got a leg cramp the other day! I had never had one before and it woke me up in the middle of the night. Also, I have felt a little nauseated these last couple of months! I didn't get sick at all in the first trimester, but just these last couple months and weeks I feel like I get sick to my stomach easy. No throwing up just nauseated. Other than that I feel really good. Sometimes my lower back starts to ache a bit but I wonder if it is just from how I am sleeping?

Excited About: Hitting the 30 week mark! I feel like the 30's is just a big deal, ha. Then it will REALLY go by fast!! Also, we have quite a nice pumpkin patch growing in our garden, and I am hoping all the pumpkins will be good sized by the time baby comes and we can have a photo shoot with them somehow. Gahh can you imagine the cuteness?! Maybe like this, or this, or this!

Nervous About: The glucose test coming up? Just don't know what to expect!! I am sure its nothing to be nervous about, but I just am wondering what will happen and what the results will be!

Only two, maybe three more bump date posts to go!! So crazy! ALSO, I tried to register today for my shower and it was a total FAIL.. that was probably the hardest thing I've ever had to do in my life bahaha. It just doesn't help that I am super indecisive to begin with, I don't know what I need really, and there was about 10-15 of everything to choose from!.... I only scanned two things! I am positive I would love anything anyone gets, I just tend to get anxiety when I shop and it was so overwhelming. Probs just being dramatic! I am going to have to go back in a couple of days though and I am bringing some more back up this time (my sister and sister-in-laws). Wish me luck, ya'll! 

<3 Jayden

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