DIY Chalkboard Sign


Over the last couple of years, my aunt and her daughters have made so many beautiful chalkboards that they have used at weddings, showers, and just as decor in their home! They were the first ones to show me the trick and now I am hooked. It is such a quick and easy DIY that is very versatile. You can use however big or small a picture/mirror as you like with whatever frame fits your style.  


  1. Mirror or picture frame that can be painted over
  2. Masking tape
  3. Chalkboard paint
  4. Paint brush
  5. Chalk

If you are using a picture frame or mirror that has a frame on it, you will need to tape off the edges and sides to cover up any part of the frame that you do not want painted over. Once everything has been painted, apply the chalkboard paint in even strokes until the entire surface has been evenly covered. If your paint is like mine (I got the 'plaid' kind), it may leave brush strokes. In this case just make sure all of your brush strokes are going in the same direction! Depending on the type of paint you get you may need to let it dry and apply more than one coat. Mine needed to dry for one hour before applying a second coat and then dry for 24 hours before being used. When you have applied all of the necessary coats and allowed the paint to dry you can remove the tape. Wait the recommended amount of time before using chalk! 

DIY Chakboard Sign
DIY Chalkboard Sign
DIY Chalkboard Sign

Your chalkboard sign can be used for almost anything; cute decor in the home, displaying the menu at a wedding, or welcoming the guests to a baby shower;) if you are stuck on ideas for what to write on yours or how to style it, simply search Pinterest for 'chalkboard signs'! I like to change mine up, usually with the seasons. Hope you all enjoy, tag me on Instagram if you make one!