7 Ways To Be More Efficient & Effective With Your Spring Cleaning


A quick list of different ways you can fix up your spring cleaning routine to make it more efficient and effective. 

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Hi all, I hope this post finds you well and that you have had a nice spring so far. Also, I hope you haven't finished your spring cleaning yet so that you can utilize some of the tips below! If you do spring cleaning, you are probably aware of how much of a hassle it can be. These 7 tips are to help you be more efficient and effective with your time and with your cleaning; allowing you to have a happy, healthy, and clean home for the remainder of the season and into summer, without the unwanted stress. If you allow it to be I really believe that spring cleaning can be a therapeutic and fun task! And I think that for most people a clean and organized home will make them happier, more productive, and less stressed. Spring is a time to refresh and recharge, and it is the perfect time to tackle all of the big (and little) cleaning to-do's in your home.  No matter what you clean, how you clean, or how much you clean this spring, try some of the tips out below to help the process go a little smoother and quicker.  

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 1.  Have a planif you have been reading along for a while, then you most likely know that I am big into planning. I just think that having a plan helps all of the processes to go smoother, more efficiently, and with less stress. Whatever planning methods you love and works best for you, do that! I would suggest brainstorming first. Jot down every last thing that you want to get cleaned and do for your spring cleaning. Then, go through and organize it how you think is best. You could organize it into different rooms in the house, levels of difficulty, by cleaning supplies that will be needed, etc. 

2.  Get all of your supplies out and ready beforehandits the absolute worst to get all ready to clean your showers, have the bucket of hot soapy water poured, and then come to find that you are out of your favorite, natural tile cleaner! Don't let that happen. Let it be a part of your planning process to also jot down all of the supplies that you will need. Take a look-see throughout your home to make sure you are not running low on anything and do a headcount to see what's missing. Then, do a trip to the store (or search online) a week before to get everything you need. Just before you are ready to start your cleaning, you can get all of the supplies out and prepped.  

7 Ways to be More Efficient & Effective With Your Time

3.  Use the right supplies: I am a big believer in using natural cleaning products. I just think it is better for us and if you use the right products or homemade formulas you can find something that will work just as good as the chemical laden stuff we are all used to. I think sometimes the generic or normal cleaning products and chemicals can leave a film or residue, which goes against what you are working towards. Remember your goals and why you are doing your spring cleaning anyways. You want a clean, healthy, happy home. I think some cleaning products work against that. Julia from @simply.living.well. on Instagram, who let me use her photos for this post (thanks Julia!), has a lot of natural cleaning recipes on her page. All-purpose cleaners, pine infused cleaners, citrus infused cleaners, etc. Definitely check her out here if you are looking to go the natural route this year. 

7 Ways to be More Efficient & Effective With Your Spring Cleaning

4.  Set aside enough time, and utilize that time: Going back to the planning stage, it is important to know how much time you will have and to take good advantage of that time, and to include that in your planning. Schedule it into your calendar so that you know its a priority. Once you have planned and categorized everything decide what days of the week you are going to be working on each cleaning task and how much time will be allotted to each . However much time you think you will need, add on a little extra. You never know what may come up and I find that usually things take longer than you think. 

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7 Ways to be More Efficient and Effective With Your Spring Cleaning

5.  Get rid of distractionshave your mom, cousin, friend, or sister, babysit if you have children, even be it just for one day or just for a couple hours. Plan to tackle the bigger or dirtier stuff (the stuff that you may not want kids around for) in the allocated time, and save the easier cleaning projects that you already know you can do when the kiddos are around. Set aside your phone! Music is great if it gets you in the mood, but I suggest turning off the TV. Just know yourself and try to avoid having anything around that you know might distract you. You can get SO much more work done if you don't touch your phone even just for a couple of hours. Have you heard of 'power hours'? You are trying to get as much done in the time you set aside for yourself. and distractions will only go against that.

7 Ways to be More Effective & Efficient With Your Spring Cleaning

6.  Be prepared to purge: you will waste so much time if you are not in the right mindset when you are cleaning and organizing. I have wasted so many hours trying to decide whether or not to keep things, or reminiscing about old garments or gadgets. If you've never used it, LET IT GO! Often times we keep things because they were gifted to us by a friend or family member, or we have this silly notion in the back of our minds that we might use it someday. This holds true for a lot of kitchen gadgets. Hello, vegetable spiralizer and air popcorn machine in my bottom cabinets. Yes, I'm talking to you! I need to face it, I just love the real pasta too much and I usually make my popcorn on the stove or in the microwave if I want it air popped. I have held on to these for far too long and they are only taking up space in our cabinets. Just be prepared to get rid of things, that way you are not hesitating or wasting time debating when the time comes to decide. If you don't use it, toss it. 

7 Ways to be More Efficient & Effective With Your Spring Cleaning

7.  Take advantage of different storage optionssometimes I feel like we work against ourselves in this area. I think it is totally okay to utilize storage options and to not be afraid of baskets and such. There are some things that you just can't get rid of, so in order to keep them from being an eyesore AND to organize your home, you can take advantage of different storage options. Try using dressers or cabinets (just make sure you are not filling them with junk that you don't need) You can use baskets to organize your linen closet, jars in your pantry, and storage bins under your bed. Really, whatever works for you.

7 Ways to be More Efficient and Effective With Your Spring Cleaning

If you are looking for more tips and advice I really loved this article on Lonny here, SO many great tips for spring cleaning. What do you guys do for your spring cleaning and what advice do you have for ME?! I hope this article is helpful for you all. As always, thank you for stopping by!

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