12 Last Minute Handmade Gift Ideas for Mother's Day


A roundup of 12 beautiful and creative last minute gift ideas that you can DIY for Mother's Day.

Although I am not always consistent with it, gifting handmade gifts is one of my favorite things to do. I wish that I was more diligent with it, because I really believe handmade gifts are so special and meaningful. Almost all of the 12 beautiful gift ideas below can be made just before mother's day with a quick trip to your local grocery store or craft store. Some of them you may even have everything on hand already. You can click the links below each image to be directed to the original articles. Check out each one and decide what one would be best for your mom and the women in your life this Mother's Day, and then get to crafting!


(Handmade, linen gift ideas you can sew, stitch, dip, print, or stamp)

How beautiful is this homemade apron by Chloe over at Boxwood Avenue?! I love the French ticking stripe and the large pocket for storage. She gives a very comprehensive tutorial with a free printable for the cut and guide. This apron is perfect for spring and the relationship between the indoor and outdoor. The large pocket could be used for gardening tools for the mama gardener or for kitchen utensils for the creative cook.  

Tea towels are one of my favorite kitchen items to collect. My mom has gifted me most of the ones that I have, so I would think she-would love a tea towel gift just as much! You can make a springy, citrus stamped tea towel, a chic, ombre, dip-dyed one, or a classic handwritten recipe tea towel, depending on your mom or MIL's style and vibe. She will love displaying the handmade tea towel in her kitchen all season long. 

Gardening and Plants

(DIY ideas that incorporate all of the beautiful flowers and the gardening mentality of the season)

How fun is this vintage, colander, hanging flower basket?! Head to your local thrift stores to see if you can score one of these classic colanders to make your mom or MIL or any special woman in your life a bright and beautiful flower basket to decorate her porch. 

Does your mom or MIL love gardening and fresh herbs? Gift her these DIY garden markers by Wit and Whistle or the DIY planter boxes by the The Junq Drawer. If you are feeling really ambitious, you can make and give her both!


(fun, DIY ideas to give your mom the gift of beautiful scents)

Homemade candles or scented sachets are perfect ways for your mom to spruce up and freshen her home with some seasonal scents. I love having beautiful smells throughout our home, especially after I have finished my spring cleaning. Its just the cherry on top! Your momma or MIL will most likely feel the same and would really appreciate a lovely, lemon and beeswax candle, or the beautiful, DIY rose scented sachets seen below. 


(salts, milk baths, and scrubs to allow your mom or MIL to relax and pamper herself before heading into summer)

Your mom or MIL or any woman in your life most likely works very hard and could use a good pamper. Getting pampered at the spa is not always an option, so give her the gift of a pampering at home. She can use the zesty grapefruit and coconut sugar scrub that we shared earlier this week to exfoliate and brighten her skin. You can also make her the soft, rose milk bath or the feminine, rose and Himalayan salt soak by Salt and Ritual; the perfect way to detox and refresh with the most feminine scents. Whatever you decide, put it in a mason jar, tie a pretty ribbon on it, and print out a helpful label personalized just for her.



(Showcase the beautiful gifts you've made with this fun and feminine wrapping idea)

Camille Styles, one of my favorite lifestyle sites, is on point with this Mother's Day wrapping idea using fabrics and fresh flowers. These aren't a legitimate gift idea, but they are a wonderful way to pull it all together once you've finished your homemade gifts. What you made is unique and it deserves beautiful packaging.

I hope you've enjoyed these last-minute handmade gift ideas for Mother's Day. I would love to hear if you end up trying any of them and how it turns out in the comments below! Happy Mother's Day to all of the wonderful mommas out there. 

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