September Home & Garden Checklist


Get ready for the fall season with this home and garden checklist for preparing for September including winter preparation, cleaning up the dust of summer, and enjoying more autumn goodness. 

 Photo by  Rob Wingate  on  Unsplash

Photo by Rob Wingate on Unsplash

Hello September! Even though we are a few days late;) we've compiled a September home and garden checklist to get you ready for the new season ahead. 

Make yourself a homemade, pumpkin spice latte, get cozy, and read along for everything you can do around your home and in your garden this September. We've included a personal checklist that will help you to embrace the season as well as some important dates to remember. 

"By all these lovely tokens, September days are here, with summer's best of weather and autumn's best of cheer." Helen Hunt Jackson

Home Checklist

  • Layer your home decor and living space
    • September is all about getting cozy for fall. Adding layers to your home with extra rugs, throw blankets, and table linens, will help add that extra bit of cozy.
  • vacuum upholstery
    • with summer over you'll want to do a quick clean up of all of your interior upholstery that may have collected dust and dirt throughout the summer. In addition, you'll most likely no longer be able to keep your windows open so the air in your home will not be as fresh. Getting rid of the dust and dirt will help with keeping your air clean.
  • wash windows
    • now is a great time to wash your windows as the air starts to get a little cooler. Try not to wash them on a day that is too hot as they'll dry too quickly and leave streaks. We recommend using hot water and vinegar, and your favorite cloth cleaning towel.
  • prep bedding for colder weather: replace cotton sheets with flannel, flip and clean mattress
    • now is the time to pull out your favorite flannel sheets! while you do that you can go ahead and give your mattress a quick spruce, make sure to flip it so it can get used equally on all sides, and give it a vacuum and use a mixture of baking soda and essential oils to freshen it up.
  • remove a/c units
    • Now that the weather is getting cooler you can go ahead and bring your window A/C units inside if you have them
  • winterize doors and windows
    • make sure that your windows and doors are ready for the colder weather coming up by checking for cracks and applying caulking and weather stripping wherever necessary, etc.
  • replace furnace filters
    • head to your local hardware store or do a quick shop online for some new furnace filters.
  • make your home cozy, you'll be spending a lot more time inside now
    • add beeswax candles, layers like we mentioned above, cozy fall smells, books in reading nooks, and more!
  • Organize and assess your medicine cabinet and make sure you have everything you need to fight off flu season
  • decorate for fall
    • ring in your decorative pumpkins from the garden, add fresh apple tree branches from outside, and DIY a cute fall sign.
  • clean closets
    • if you are doing a capsule wardrobe put away summer clothes and replace them with fall attire.

Garden Checklist

  • Clear out garden (add what you can to the compost pile)
    • pull out any dead plants and flowers that are no longer producing.
  • harvest fall plants
    • continue to harvest all of your fall fruits and vegetables.
  • add compost, manure, or shredded leaves to decay over the winter and add nutrients to the soil
    • all is a great time to add compost to your garden and let it break down throughout the winter before spring planting.
  • bring outdoor pants in
    • bring any perennial pots that you have kept outside in for the winter.
  • add mulch to protect roots from cold winter
    • add a layer of mulch around your perennials outside and your fall/winter crop to protect them from the cold weather .
  • plant spring blooms
    • some spring blooms can be planted now to get a head start on their blooming season including: daffodils, dianthus, salvia, and lysimachia .
  • stock up on garden essentials with fall sales
    • most home and garden stores will put all of the gardening supplies on sale at the end of the summer season including potting soil, tools, and discounted plants.
  • plant or purchase mums
    • mums are a gorgeous fall flower that you can keep in pots on your porch or even plant in the ground.
  • winterize sprinklers and outdoor watering systems
    • make sure all of your outdoor watering systems are ready for the freezing temperatures.


  • learn a new hobby or skill: quilting, sewing, crocheting, canning, bread making, fermenting, etc.
    • with kiddos back at school september is the perfect time to start honing some new skills.
  • start a new book
    • unker down in your newly cozy home with your favorite books .
  • go apple picking
    • head to your local orchard and get your bounty's full in apples, a great activity for kids as well
  • get organized for fall and back to school.
    • make sure your home and spaces are organized for the chaos of back to school.
  • make a homemade pumpkin spice latte
    • rom scratch! with real pumpkin.
  • make homemade pumpkin, beeswax candles
    • beeswax candles are better for you and your air than most candles. Use your favorite beeswax candle recipe and add in some homemade pumpkin pie spice to make it perfect for fall.
  • make homemade apple pie
    • perfect your apple pie with all of the apples you've picked.
  • enjoy a scenic drive to see all of the changing leaves
    • head out for a drive to enjoy the fall leaves take in the new season.

Important Dates:

September 3rd - Labor Day

September 9th - Grandparents Day

September 11th - Patriot Day

September 23rd - First Day of Autumn

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September Home & Garden Checklist

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